Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri  Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Mixed-Media, Glass, Electronics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: No website
Instagram: @yeriyeti

Yeri Hwang is finishing up her 4th year in undergraduate CSULB College of the Arts. She is aspiring to get her BA in Studio Art. She had always known that she wanted to become an artist but never really pursued it till she got much older. She always dreamt of becoming a graphic novel artist.

Throughout the exhibit, Hwang used a mixture of multiple different materials. She made the art interactive, which I really enjoyed. A couple of examples of the soft side of the exhibit would be the smoke and clouds made out of cotton in the piece Destination and Mystery. The pieces Choice and Commitment and Acceptance and Forgiveness brought sharpness to the exhibit with the sword and broken glass shards. There was light presented to project the colors of Progression on the wall.

The exhibit, Within Us, shows the journey through life and all the obstacles that we encounter. Hwang’s point of the exhibit was to prove that we are all heroes in our very own stories. She had 6 different pieces: Origin, Destiny, Progression, Destination and Mystery, Choice and Commitment, and Acceptance and Forgiveness. Origin was the start of the exhibit where the journey starts. Destiny was where you would name the unborn child. Progression had multiple lens that showed the different views each individual had. Destination and Mystery was the cloudy house that showed that everyones lives are a little cloudy but eventually everything works out and clears up. The Choice and Commitment was the piece that had the sword. It’s purpose was to show that everyone needs to at least take the leap of faith just once in their lives. The last piece was Acceptance and Forgiveness. There was a shrine with broken glass that asked spectators to write down what they want to be forgiven for.

This exhibit really stood out to me because of how interactive it was. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a really great idea. Also I really enjoyed how the piece could reflect back to everyone that viewed the art pieces since it is simply the journey of life. It definitely made an impact to my life as well. IMG_3840.JPG


Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition Information

Artists: Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Exhibit: Immaterial

Media: Oil, Canvas, Wood, Tarp, Metal, and Cardboard

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: Elmer – @3lmski1

Instagram: Robert – @wookieewarrior

Website: N/A


Robert didn’t always know he wanted to become an artist. His original plan was to become a firefighter but eventually chose the artistic route. Elmer had always known he wanted to become an artist. He used to live in LA and was surrounded with elder cousins that were involved with graffitiing walls. This project is the first time they have worked together.

Robert’s work was a lot more unconventional. He had paintings on metal, wood, and even cardboard. All of his paintings have dark tone backgrounds except his self portrait which has pink and black background. The paintings had the texture popping out a lot more since they weren’t on a normal used canvas.

Elmer’s paintings were on traditional canvases. All his paintings were of real people that he met in LA. His paintings had a lot of movement that I really enjoyed. He painted his paintings as if his people were moving. Also, he has a lot more scenery in the background in the paintings compared to Robert’s paintings.

Robert’s style of the paintings are a lot more traditional compared to Elmer’s pieces. Robert had painted his mother, grandmother, friend, and himself. He used different unconventional canvases for each painting. His reason behind that was because he wanted to be detached from materialism. All the of the materials were found of the streets. Once he chose the material, that was when he picked a subject for the painting.

Elmer’s paintings were on a lot more traditional canvases. He wanted to tell the story of these people that he met in LA through his paintings. He had abstract movements all throughout his paintings. In some certain ones, there were little 3D jeans sticking out of the paintings. Part of creating his artwork was using collages.

I really loved their art work combined. It gave a little kick to the gallery and I was very intrigued by that. I was very impressed by Robert because he used unconventional canvases. That is not something that is easy to work with however he pushed through the struggles and had an amazing outcome. It was great that they didn’t get caught up with the typical materialism. Also, I really enjoyed that they used real people with stories behind each of them. These two men are very talented people and I am excited to see what they come out with next.

Wk 4 – Art Care Package


In the Art Care Package, I decided to send my best friend some late valentines gifts.

1.Sending someone an ACP is similar to snapchat by showing someone that you are on their mind and actually care about them enough to send them something.

2. Sending someone an ACP is different than snapchat because it means a lot more. A snapchat is sending someone a thoughtful present and items they want/need. It also shows a lot more effort.

3. I think an ephemera is a precious idea. It shows other people that you think of them when you look at the items. At least that’s what I believe.

4.I believe there is a difference because artists that have paintings in galleries expect their work to be seen by many many people and usually ACP’s are meant for one person. Gallery art is more perfected while ACP’s can be a little less perfect.

5.I honestly don’t think it means much. It all just comes down to the fact that the person was still thinking about you either way.

6. Yes I believe that an ACP can be made with the exact same love. Love is all about the thought that goes into the effort and that is exactly what an ACP is. As for being able to prepare a meal with love as fast as being in a McDonald’s drive thru, it is definitely possible.


Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Exhibition Information

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Fiber Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.mimihaddon.com
Instagram: @mimihaddonIMG_3758.JPG

Mimi Haddon is an amazing artist that I have gotten the chance to interview this past week. She graduated from CSULB in the year of 1994 with an undergraduate degree in graphic design for the School of Art. She is currently working towards getting a MFA degree in the School of Art’s Fiber program. As well as going to school, she is actually a photographer. She would photograph her costumes. Along the way she started to learn how to make costumes. About over a year ago, Haddon started projects using t-shirts. She retrieved these t-shirts from either people that didn’t want their t-shirts or Goodwill. She believed it was a much better idea to bring a new life to these shirts rather than them being discarded. Without having a plan, Haddon just dissected into the shirts and put them in organized piles. Once they were all piled, she started stitching them together using mostly her hands but also machines. She enjoys making her art fun and playful with the use of multiple colors, however still wants others to get the idea behind the art as well.

Fiber art is usually consisted of natural or synthetic fiber. In Haddon’s case, she used yarn and t-shirt fabric in her exhibit. In one of her projects, there were lines of jagged shirt that were stitched together with little gaps that were bundled together laying on the floor. This sort of looked like the United States. One side had mostly warms colors such as: red, orange, and yellow. The other side had more cool tone colors like purple, magenta, and a little brown.  My favorite project was the one of the wall that was made out of t-shirt sleeves. They scrunched up at the top of the sleeve and then hung on the wall, sort of like a deflated balloon. They were all lined up in even rows. Also, they were bright neon colors with a couple dark colored ones.

As Haddon had mentioned earlier in the interview, for the piece that looked like the United States was representing a map of different territories. She used multiple colors but bonded them together to make a single territory. Her idea behind the project was that we are each different in multiple ways however we still come together in harmony. As for the project on the wall, she was inspired by a balloon game with deflated balloons at the Santa Monica Pier. She elaborated on how they explored the color theory and the utilization of colors together. As the balloons were deflated, it was like feeling deflated. What we show on the outside to others is not always what we feel on the inside.

The project as a whole was very intriguing to me. When I walked through the door, the wall was the first thing that caught my eye. I knew exactly that it looked like a bunch of deflated balloons but once I got the understanding behind it, it meant so much more to me. I have never seen t-shirt turned into art and I really liked the overall concept of it. It was wonderful being able to listen to Haddon’s story behind all of her art pieces and the meaning of them. I hope she continues with fiber art because she is definitely very good at what she does.


Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Kaylee Penaloza

During the Artist Conversations, I started having a little convo with a classmate Kaylee Penaloza. It wasn’t very hard to keep a conversation going with her. She is a 2nd year that commutes to CSULB. She is currently majoring in psychology. She loves it! She told me that she used to be a softball player during high school but wasn’t trying to play in college. She isn’t currently working so in her free time she enjoys drawing every now and then and also watching classic Disney movies. She has so many favorites! She is the oldest sibling of a younger brother and sister. It was great getting to know Kaylee and I enjoyed talking to her!IMG_0912.jpg