Wk 4 – Art Care Package


In the Art Care Package, I decided to send my best friend some late valentines gifts.

1.Sending someone an ACP is similar to snapchat by showing someone that you are on their mind and actually care about them enough to send them something.

2. Sending someone an ACP is different than snapchat because it means a lot more. A snapchat is sending someone a thoughtful present and items they want/need. It also shows a lot more effort.

3. I think an ephemera is a precious idea. It shows other people that you think of them when you look at the items. At least that’s what I believe.

4.I believe there is a difference because artists that have paintings in galleries expect their work to be seen by many many people and usually ACP’s are meant for one person. Gallery art is more perfected while ACP’s can be a little less perfect.

5.I honestly don’t think it means much. It all just comes down to the fact that the person was still thinking about you either way.

6. Yes I believe that an ACP can be made with the exact same love. Love is all about the thought that goes into the effort and that is exactly what an ACP is. As for being able to prepare a meal with love as fast as being in a McDonald’s drive thru, it is definitely possible.



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