Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: No-Mans Land
Media: Oil, Canvas, Cold Wax, Impasto Gel
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: http://www.andreiniart.com
Instagram: N/A

Alice Andreini is currently a graduate student at CSULB. She is expected to graduate Spring 2017 with her MFA in drawing and painting. Andreini was initially studying medicine. Eventually, she starting teaching perspective drawing and painting making her interests grow within the art industry. She started realizing that to teach to the best ability, she needed to acquire a degree. After she graduates, she intends to continue painting and teaching.

Andreini’s painted on large canvases with cold wax, oil paints, and impasto gel. She decided to use these resources to get the impression of a wet canvas. The colors all ranged from warm to cool tones. With the help of the colors, they helped create depth within the paintings. Also, the wax gave the paintings texture making them stand out. The paintings were all meant to create a romantic scenery.

Andreini took about 2 weeks to create a painting due to the collage structure. Most of the paintings are views of a golf course. Her point was to stay away from representation but more into abstraction.  She got inspired to do this from the two smaller paintings she had painted previously.

This exhibit was quite eye opening. I was in some sort of way, drawn to the paintings. I loved looking at how she put everything together in a collage way. I had always thought that collages were beautiful and the idea of them is really neat, so that is why I thought her paintings were also very neat. IMG_9301.JPG


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