Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking

The me I currently believe to become later in life: Doctor

The me if what I want to become disappears: Physical Therapy

The me if I was financially stable to do anything: Traveling Mom

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I want to become a doctor. To achieve this life, I would have to go through a lot of schooling. Especially if I want to specialize in something, which I probably will want to. This will put me in debt, emotional & physically drain me, and keep me busy day to night. It is going to be a hard journey but at this moment, I want  to reach my goals. In the future, my life as a doctor will have many sleepless nights. Hopefully, I will be able to raise a family with this lifestyle.

If doctors just disappeared suddenly, I would want to become a Physical Therapist. I have a profound love with the human body. Each and everything it does intrigues me in every way. Before graduating, I would have to get many many hours to put onto my application. This would be about 3 more years of school after undergrad which isn’t too shabby. Then I would have to find a job somewhere, hopefully in a hospital, working my way up to a private practice. This lifestyle will still be emotionally and physically draining but I do not think as much as becoming a doctor. It will let me have a family due to not being on call. I will have a much easier life once I do become a physical therapist.

If I had all the money in the world, I would just not work and just travel the whole time. I would have a family and travel the world with them. I would finish college and let my husband make all the money, and whenever we could, take off on our private jet somewhere around the world. I have always wanted to do that thing where you put a map on the wall and put a pin in the map where you have visited. That is my goal. I want to make a whole map completely covered in push in pins. I want to travel to the Caribbean, Fiji, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and Argentina. I want to be able to just leave and come back whenever I wanted to. That would be the dream.



  1. Confidence                              90%
  2. Resources                                90%
  3. Impact                                      67%
  4. Satisfaction                              70%

Physical Therapist:

  1. Confidence                              80%
  2. Resources                                90%
  3. Impact                                      70%
  4. Satisfaction                              80%

Travel Mom:

  1. Confidence                              40%
  2. Resources                                50%
  3. Impact                                      70%
  4. Satisfaction                              90%

I actually have taken a huge step towards my future and shadowed a bunch of doctors. I also have a bunch of doctors in the family, so it isn’t hard for me to get insight on what I want to do. I also have worked with a physical therapist over summer and loved it. I love the quick, fast paced lifestyle they live. I just started an internship in a hospital so hopefully I can decided exactly what I want to do with my life. But even if I don’t, it is okay.


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