Wk 15 – EC Post – Evaluating the Class

Honestly, I really did love coming to this class. I am not very good at art in general, but the fact that this class focuses on life lessons as well as art, really made this class a lot better in my opinion. It was a lot more tedious work than I thought it would be but it was okay since we had about a week to finish it all up. In my opinion, I didn’t really enjoy having a bunch of classmate conversations but I think they really helped in the beginning when I didn’t know 1 person in the class.

Activity wise, my 3 favorites were: Plaster casting, Care Package, and Sketching in the Garden. Plaster casting was so hard to figure out how to do the correct way, however once you did figure it out, it was SO COOL! I was amazed on how fast and simple it really was the achieve a replica of your hand. It was a nice way to get outside for a couple hours. The Care Package was so much fun putting together. It brought back memories that I overlook all the time. It is always nice to bring those back up into your life. The Sketching in the Garden was a really peaceful thing to do. I am not a very good drawer, but it was still pretty easy to sketch a couple of drawings here and there. Also, I had never gone to the Japanese Garden prior to that class so that probably made it a lot better.

The 3 activities I didn’t like were: Ethnography, Flip Books, and Design Thinking applied to Life. I was really a fan of Ethnography because it was pretty hard to do nothing basically. I am a person that needs to be doing things at all times, however I couldn’t do much without electricity. It was also kind of hard to find a day that worked best since I have a roommate. The flip books weren’t my favorite because I just didn’t like drawing something that would appeal to others. Like I said, I never draw so I felt like this kind of needed to look much better than a sketch making it a little bit harder for me. The Design of Thinking was hard to do because I always have had a set future in my head since I was a little girl. Going out of that box made it a little hard to try to figure something out. I don’t think I would do anything besides go into med school but thats just me! Not everyone has a set plan.

Out of all the Social Medias we used, I definitely liked Slack the most. It was very interesting to see what everyone posted as well as them seeing what I posted. I loved having little conversations with my fellow classmates and getting their insight. It was also very easy to communicate with Coach. I really hate emailing so by having Direct Message in Slack made that sooooo much easier. WordPress was a little out of the way, I believe. If everything was just put all together, that would have made this a little more easier. Also, I would love to see my fellow classmates blogs but I don’t like going out of the way to find the blogs. I rather have 1 website for everything 🙂


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